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Will Your Course Even Sell When There is SO Much Free Content Out There? [Video]

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Will Your Course Even Sell When There is SO Much Free Content Out There?

Will Your Course Even Sell When There is SO Much Free Content Out There?

Here’s why Your Online Course Beats Free Content Every Time

Ever find yourself asking, “Why would anyone buy my course when there’s so much free stuff out there?”

How about you instead ask yourself ‘If I need to solve a problem and get something done, would I rather spend hoourrrss scouring through the internet, or prompting ChatGPT, or would I rather have a world class expert just tell me exactly what I need to know right away?’

People will always want an expert

First off, it’s all about YOU.

Your expertise, your experience, your knack for guiding people through the short cut to get through their problems.

When someone takes your course, they’re not just getting info; they’re getting a download of your brain and all of your years of experience – and trust me, that’s priceless.

People don’t want to waste their precious time

Think about the last time you tried to find an answer online.

How much time did you waste sifting through endless, probably outdated content before you gave up and moved to another task instead?


Your course and coaching cuts through all that noise, giving people exactly what they need, right when they need it.

Most people will pay to cut the time-wasting and get straight to the point – which is what your course will do – right?

**People want customised content that relates to their niche and is totally up to date.**

The internet is full of outdated info or really ‘generic’ info that applies to the masses, instead of the unique situations that you have customised to your specific niche of students.

Your course will attract people because it puts everything together in a logical order, it’s tailored for your specific audience, and it’s constantly refreshed.

That’s something a random blog post from 2015 can’t offer.

People want assurance that they got ALL the info

Collecting breadcrumbs from free content on the internet is great and helpful, but it will always leave your audience thinking ‘but what have I MISSED?’, what stuff do I NOT KNOW that I wouldn’t even know to search for?

People don’t know what they don’t know (it’s called unconscious incompetence). Buying a course ensures them that they have been taught all of the things they didn’t know that they didn’t know!

Serious learners want access to an expert

The real cherry on top?

Access to you.

Your course isn’t just a series of videos or texts; it’s a structured journey to success.

It’s you, answering those nuanced, specific questions your students have – the kind of guidance you just can’t Google.

So, before you second-guess the value of your online course amidst a sea of free content, remember this:

Your course offers a structured, up-to-date, and personalised learning journey that free content can’t touch.

It’s not just about saving time and money; it’s about providing a clear, concise path to success, led by someone who genuinely cares – you.

Nobody teaches like you, has the experience that you do, uses the methods that you’ve adapted to suit your niche, or cares like you.

So stop worrying that you can’t compete (dude – half the world doesn’t even have the internet yet!)… and get that course created asap!!

I am a qualified teacher trainer and course creation specialist and can help you get it DONE.

I’ve got free training, a coaching program and can even do it all for you – reach out and chat x

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