Rui Ma (Tech Buzz China) – Chinese Crossover Brands, C2M Supply Chains and Future of Livestreaming [Video]

Presented by Ferret: Ferret is the first relationship intelligence tool for all business savvy investors to know, for the first time, who they can trustHead to []( using promo code: CONSUMERVC to jump to the top of the waitlist.Presented by Gorgias: Gorgias is the #1 helpdesk for Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce stores, and can turn your customer support into a profit center.If you’re looking to increase your retention for your business, mention Consumer VC and get 2 months of Gorgias for free.Head [Here]( to get started.Our guest today is [Rui Ma](, who is the founder of [Tech Buzz China]( and helps funds identify tech investments in both the U.S. and China. Tech Buzz China is a podcast and a community for those interested in China tech. I’ve been a fan of Tech Buzz China for a long time and learned so much about the ecommerce innovation that’s happening in the east from Rui. As you might be thinking, we’re going to discuss the Chinese cross over brands in this episode and talk about C2M businesses and how supply chains have changed over the past few years.1. What was your initial attraction to technology?2. You’ve worked as an investor for a long time, what propelled you to also found Tech Buzz China?3. What are some of the differences in consumer behavior in China and the United States?4. What needs to happen in order to bring livestream to the masses in the west?5. Do you think the creator economy is going to develop like it has in China with livestreamers considering to IPO?6. How do ecommerce platforms test new features?7. What do you make of Chinese brands coming to the west and having success?    1. Do you believe Chinese consumer brands today are facing an opportunity like Japanese brands in the 70s (on the cusp of becoming global)    2. If you are an American brand is it more difficult to gain a presence in China?8. You mention that now it’s a super efficient time to build brands in China. Why is this so?9. Unlike startups in the US may choose to bootstrap and grow their business slowly, many businesses in China just want to make a quick buck, they usually get involved in raising very early. Do you think CPG startup bootstrapping stands any chance in China? 10. Would love your take on valuations / multiples of a traditional business vs a software business. It seems a much more traditional business (like a Starbucks, which has a sizable digital retail component) than a software / platform / digital business?11. What do you think Americans most misunderstand about the Chinese consumer tech?12. What’s one book that impacted you professionally and one book that impacted you personally?13. What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve received?

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Why Google Ads is the Best Job in 2022 for You [Video]

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Digital Marketing Webinar: Part IV – Content Marketing [Video]

Digital Marketing Webinar | January 17Topics: I – Defining our Online Impact II – What is Digital MarketingIII – Social Media MarketingIV – Content MarketingQuestions / Suggestions are welcome at webinar is brought to you by Indigitous Iloilo and Techlesia Philippines

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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch (Ground Zero to Profitability) in 2022 [Video]

Here’s the best way to start a digital marketing agency from scratch. These are the specific steps, in a specific order, all simplified so you focus on only what matters. Let’s plan on how to get you from ground zero to profitability as quickly as possible. 👉 My entire step-by-step web design workflow process: (use coupon code WORKFLOW15 for 15% off! or get it *free* inside Next Level:👉 Download the web design workflow template (free):📝⭐ VIDEO REOURCES⭐📝** GROWING YOUR AGENCY** 👉 [COPY THIS!] My 7-Phase Web Design Workflow:👉 How to Get Paid to Plan Websites’:👉 4 Ways to Niche Down (& Find Your Target Market):👉 Don’t Quote or Build a Website Until You Do This:👉 Why Web Design Shouldn’t Be a 1-Time Fee:👉 How to Create FREE Buyer Personas (Do This BEFORE a New Website & SEO):**SERVICES TO OFFER WITH NO EXPERIENCE)**👉 Offer This Service to Clients (Even With ZERO Experience):👉 A 90% Done-For-You Service to Offer Clients (Even With ZERO Experience):**AGENCY STRATEGY**👉 Why Web Design Shouldn’t Be a 1-Time Fee:👉 The BIG Differences Between a High-Earning & Low-Earning Digital Marketing Agency:👉 The 1 Difference Between a $500 Client & a $5,000 Client:**PORTFOLIO BUILDING**👉 Build Web Design Portfolio Without Working for Free:**AGENCY LEAD GENERATION**👉 Web Design & SEO Client Lead Generation Strategies:**GET RESULTS FOR CLIENTS**👉 Don’t Quote or Build a Website Until You Do This:👉 Get Paid to Test Getting Results for Clients: Get Paid to Test Getting Results for Clients👉 How to Get Results for Your Clients (More Leads, Customers, Sales) – 5 Step Sales Funnel:📝 VIDEO TIMESTAMPS00:00 How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency00:48 Step 102:14 Step 204:28 Step 305:45 Step 408:01 Step 509:49 Step 612:24 Next Steps✅🏷️Deals🏷️✅📝Get 10,000 free words of copy automatically written for you:☎️ Get 10-20% WP Buffs Maintenance Care Plans:⭐SEMRush 30-Day Free Trial:⛓️ FREE auto-updating privacy policy for your agency (+ a bonus free license for your first client):📝Attract & land your next clients with web audits:✅🛠️The Tools to Make It Happen 🛠️✅📈 SEMRush:📶 Bright Local:💻 GeneratePress:📝 Termageddon:📲 Thrive Themes:⌨️ Elegant Themes:🛠️ WP Buffs:📩 Active Campaign:📝 Better Proposals:🕵️‍♀️ MyWebAudit:📑 Content Snare:💽 Flywheel:* Some of the links that appear on this video are from companies which Portable Entrepreneur will earn an affiliate commission for. Only companies that we have used ourselves and have no hesitation in recommending are listed here.

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🔴 Login N’ Cashin Review | HONEST REVIEW + FREE GIFT | Where’s The 5-Second Trick? [Video]

In this Login N’ Cashin review, we’ll go searching for the “5-Second Trick” that Branson Tay talks about. Also don’t forget to get access to FREE training that will put you on the right path as an affiliate marketer ✅ SPECIAL GIFT – NO PURCHASE NECESSARY============================================👉🏻 https://kenfurukawa.comYes, it’s FREE… And it’s SPECTACULAR!======================RESOURCES MENTIONED======================SlidesCarnival – – – LOGIN N’ CASHIN REVIEW00:53 – WHAT IS LOGIN N’ CASHIN?02:40 – LOGIN N’ CASHIN MEMBERS AREA WALKTHROUGH & DEMO07:14 – LOGIN N’ CASHIN OTOS08:35 – MY OPINION ON LOGIN N’ CASHIN#loginncashin #bransontay #warriorplus=======================QUESTIONS? CONTACT ME!=======================EMAIL: ken@kenfurukawa.comSKYPE: kkfurukawa==========FOLLOW ME==========▶ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE –▶ FACEBOOK –▶ TWITTER – of the links in this description may be affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you if you decide to purchase something.These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products.My opinions are based on my personal own experience and research. I never recommend poor quality products or create false reviews to make sales.It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decision on which ones suit your needs best.Any and all forward-looking statements in this video are intended to express my opinions. They are opinions only and should not be relied upon as fact.Success in any endeavor is based on many factors individual to you. I do not know your educational background, your skills, your prior experience, or the time you can and will devote to the endeavor.

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Nifty Banknifty Analysis 18 Jan 2022 [Video]

#NIFTY,#BANKNIFTY,#NIFTYBANKNIFTYANALYSIS,#KASHYAPTECH,#100%accuracyvideo,#kasyaptec,#sharemarket,#sharebazar,#stockmarket,#weekyexpiry,#monthlyview,#kayaptek,#nifty banknifty prediction for tomorrow,#powefullstrategy, #Best strategy for intraday #reliance,#tomorrowniftypredection, #Tomorrow nifty banknifty analysis #share market online course #share#share market main paise kese kamaye#100#500#50#best#nifty#banknifty #videoThis channel for education purposes not recommend any stock buy and sellMy second you tube channel OPENING FREE HAI HUMARE LINK KE THROUGH AAPKO ACCOUNT FREE ME OPEN HOGAHello friends,Aap sabhi subscribers iss diye hue link se act open kra sakte h freeTradeSmart Online me hum khud trading karte hai brokerage kaafi kam hai aur dusre broker ki tarah inka application bhi nhi hang hota..aur TradeSmart Online ka support kaafi acha hai.Hum aap sabhi ko account open karne aur yaha trade karne isliye bol rahe hai kyuke hum khud yaha se trade karte hai Aap sabhi bharosa karke account open aur trading yaha se kar sakte ho.. new batch start 20jan 2022Registration open hIf you are interested then join this batchAfter my class, you will be able to do the following:-1. Technical Chart Reading 2. Buy or Sell level estimation3. Support or Resistance value determination 4. Trend line formulation & application on chart5. Fundamentals of FnO chain 6. Knowledge & application of Put Call Ratio7. Determination of Gap-up or Gap-down opening of marketsand many other fundamentals related to day trading.Fees 7000/-Jo bhi registration krana chahte h wo payment karne ke baad screen short humare no par send kar dijiyeAapko joining mil jayegi🌹7230072628 par screehort bhej dijiye Or Aapka name ,Telegram no bhi Remark main learning fees jaroor likhegoogle pay no-7230072628phone pay no -7230072628

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Web Development Tutorial – HTML5 & CSS Course for Beginners [Video]

Learn the basics of web development using HTML and CSS. You will learn web page layout building and responsive web-design tools.Topics include:- Introduction to HTML;- Basic HTML;- HTML Formatting and Attributes;- Introduction to CSS;- HTML Lists and Forms;- HTML links, images, and tables;- Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap.