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How to turn a video into a GIF

In this video we’ll show you how easy it is to turn a video into a GIF in minutes. This tutorial will show you how to trim your footage and add text to create GIFs for different purposes. You’ll also learn how to download your GIF for personal use and upload your GIF to Giphy for a global audience to enjoy. 💡 WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: ► What makes a GIF a GIF ► How to turn a video into a GIF ► Adding text to a GIF ► How to make GIFs for different purposes. ► Adding a GIF to Giphy ⏳ TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro 00:46 What you will learn today 01:34 How to turn a video into a GIF with Canva 02:53 How to download a GIF designed in Canva 03:25 Adding text to a GIF 04:39 Birthday GIF 06:50 Adding a GIF to Giphy 08:58 Conclusion Jo Wright is a highly experienced designer and design educator, having worked on publishing and branding projects with the likes of Facebook, Fairfax, Indesign Group and APL Media London over her 20 years of experience. Jo founded WinWin Magazine, has developed multiple learning design products, and taught students in university settings. 👍 Enjoyed this video? Hit the "Like" button to see more in your feed. 🔔 Subscribe so you never miss our new videos: _ ⛏ PLAYLISTS FOR YOU TO DIG DEEPER: ► Try our "Canva for Beginners" Free Course: ► Dive into our free Canva Live Webinars and learn from a wide range of experts: ► Check out our Canva step-by-step tutorials for freelancers and small businesses: ► Learn from our brand ambassadors, the Canva Certified Creatives (CCCs): ► Discover short Canva Tips & Tricks: _ About Canva: Canva is the world’s most inclusive design platform that lets anyone design anything and publish anywhere. Canva can help you express ideas, unleash your creativity and achieve your goals. Available in 100 languages and on any device, start with one of Canva’s 615,000 templates and see where your creativity takes you. ❤️ Try Canva now for free:

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Why warming up the emails before sending cold emails is very important? #coldemail [Video]

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