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TargetBay Live Event | Migrate to TargetBay from Springbot ($3,540 worth free migration) | Aug 2, 22 [Video]

Migrate to TargetBay from Springbot: $3,540 worth of free migration assistance.Recover lost shoppers, increase ratings & reviews, and run successful retargeting ads – all for a price less than what you are paying Springbot.1. Springbot VS TargetBay: Onboarding experienceWe talk about our hassle-free onboarding process, and we will walk you through how exactly we will complete the migration within 2-3 working days.2. Springbot VS TargetBay: Customer supportA dedicated account manager who will help you with email marketing strategy and audit. We will cover how our customer support will help you every step of the way.3. Springbot VS TargetBay: Email deliverabilityWe will walk you through the email deliverability at TargetBay and how it will be better compared to Springbot because (of constant warm-up and monitoring of the sending domains).4. Springbot VS TargetBay: Email Templates‚Äč‚ÄčLearn about the huge collection of 300+ email templates covering 47+ use cases, industries, and seasons in TargetBay and see how you can save more time.5. Springbot VS TargetBay: Retargeting adsIn this webinar, we cover how we go the extra mile with designing and managing your retargeting ad campaigns.6. Springbot VS TargetBay: An all-in-one toolWe will demonstrate how TargetBay has emails, SMS, reviews, and ads in one platform and how much time and money you will save with the tool.Sign up for BayEngage here: