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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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Shifting To Full-Time Founder: Stability vs. Risk with Shaina Rainford – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 273 [Video]


Shifting To Full-Time Founder: Stability vs. Risk with Shaina Rainford – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 273

A few years ago, Shaina, CEO of Bask and Lather Co’s younger sister lost ALL of her hair to a ringworm that spread across her scalp and was misdiagnosed as dandruff. Dermatologist told her mother that her hair may never grow back after months of having a smooth, shiny scalp.

Out of desperation, her mother took things into her own hands and created a scalp oil to stimulate growth, which is now the company’s #1 best selling product and a viral sensation.

Shaina, who is also a licensed Nurse Practitioner, helped her mother perfect the formulations and ensure that the ingredients were all natural and safe.

In addition to running the now 8-figure company, Shaina is a mother, fiancee and real estate investor.

In This Conversation We Discuss:
[00:40] Intro
[01:53] The origin story of a hair care breakthrough
[02:55] Harnessing homemade remedy to restore hair health
[03:45] Using Instagram to validate potential market
[04:34] Building a brand story and launching with impact
[06:01] Scaling followers using strategic collaborations
[06:33] Finding relevant pages to reach a wider audience
[07:46] Prioritizing organic reach across platforms
[08:06] Workplace struggles as driving force to full-time CEO
[10:20] Doubling revenue through full-time entrepreneurship
[11:10] Episode Sponsor: Electric Eye
[12:07] Ensuring business stability before going full-time
[13:26] Harnessing Facebook Pixel for ad success
[14:49] Finding an agency dedicated to the business
[15:26] Reflecting on team dynamics in decision-making
[16:50] Outsourcing warehouse operations for efficiency
[18:44] Valuing passion and grit before skills when hiring
[20:53] How to get products from Bask & Lather Co.

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