5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Matt Wolfe Ranks The Best AI Tools For Marketers In 2024 [Video]

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Matt Wolfe Ranks The Best AI Tools For Marketers In 2024

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What are the hottest and most important Ai apps to use in your marketing today?

Kipp and guest Matt Wolfe (entrepreneur and YouTuber) dive into the intricate world of Ai marketing tools, exploring what it means to effectively integrate Ai your toolkit. Learn more about how Hume can decipher the subtleties of human emotion, the creative potential of using Suno for song creation, and the practical uses of both Recraft  and Ideogram for crafting compelling marketing visuals.
Check out Matt’s new podcast The Next Wave here: https://link.chtbl.com/uqnVaUip
Hume https://www.hume.ai/
Suno https://www.suno.ai/
Recraft https://www.recraft.ai/
Ideogram https://ideogram.ai/

02:00 Hume detects emotion in voice.
06:15 Quickly create and test audio and video jingles.
09:29 Heygen translations for creator influencer use.
12:25 Kieran loves Claude 3.
15:23 Opus Clip impressive clip editing, but needs improvement.
19:41 ElevenLabs overdub and remix content into audio format.
21:18 ElevenLabs translation and sound effects for content creators.
25:06 AI image generators used for YouTube thumbnails.
27:44 Free plan for uncensored image generation, customization.
32:24 AI video generators create customizable long videos.
34:37 Simplified explanation of using AI for marketing.
36:25 Excited to be a subscriber to Nextwave.

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