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7 Invisible Obstacles to Digital Marketing Success
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I never pay my mortgage [Video]

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I never pay my mortgage

Fighting Lifestyle Inflation: How to Thrive on a Budget

I’m fighting a cold at the moment but wanted to share some tips on how to avoid lifestyle inflation even as your income rises. It’s so tempting to increase your spending as you start earning more, but learning to live below your means is key for building long-term wealth.

In this video I’ll talk about strategies like house hacking (getting a roommate to cover part of your mortgage/rent), picking up skills to start side hustles, and the most lucrative side gigs you can take on.

Some of the top skills I recommend learning include:

– Copywriting – Write marketing content, ads, emails for businesses
– Graphic design – Design logos, graphics, social media posts
– Video editing – Edit YouTube videos, promo videos for brands
– Web development – Build and design websites and web apps
– Tutoring – Tutor students online in academic subjects

The best side hustles to start based on your skills include:

– Freelance writing – Make $25-100 per hour writing articles and social media posts
– Selling online courses – Create and sell informational courses on platforms like Udemy
– Affiliate marketing – Earn commissions promoting other company’s products
– Handyman services – Offer general repairs, installations, and home services
– Plumbing – Offer plumbing repairs and installations

Living below your means and working side hustles today will give you more financial freedom and options tomorrow. Let me know if you have any other tips for avoiding lifestyle inflation! I could use the ideas myself.

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