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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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How To Write A LINKEDIN Newsletter Step-By-Step For Beginners | Chris Prouty [Video]

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How To Write A LINKEDIN Newsletter Step-By-Step For Beginners | Chris Prouty

Today, we’re going to cover a remarkably effective yet underused tool on LinkedIn – Newsletters.

Shockingly, only about 0.2% of LinkedIn users even venture into the world of newsletters, and I’m here to change that.

Why, you ask? Because LinkedIn newsletters can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy, allowing you to showcase your expertise, education, trustworthiness, and connect with the right audience.

The truth is this, LinkedIn has changed a lot in the past year. So much that I made a 5-day class explaining the changes and what to do right now (let me know if you want free access).

LinkedIn newsletters play a big role in this change and it would be wise to start using them.

And the uncomfortable truth is that most people just randomly contribute irrelevant information to social media because they simply don’t know what they should be creating. That wastes time that could be used on growing their businesses. So, don’t do that.

Let’s get to work on our LinkedIn Newsletter, sound good?

Part 1: Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn Newsletters
Firstly, we need to tackle the big question – what is a LinkedIn newsletter? Simply put, it’s an article you write on LinkedIn that you designate as a newsletter. LinkedIn users can subscribe and, whenever you publish a new newsletter, it’s directly delivered to your subscribers. Imagine the reach you’d get with this, right?

But here’s the catch – your LinkedIn profile by default won’t let you make newsletters. So, let’s unlock this ability.

Part 2: Turning on Creator Mode
The key to unlocking the power of LinkedIn newsletters is ‘Creator mode.’ Scroll through your profile to find and turn this on. This isn’t just a one-trick pony; this feature does a variety of things for your profile. But for now, let’s focus on the newsletters. Turn it on. Now you can publish your newsletters.

Part 3: Finding Your Niche
Now, time to brainstorm. What is the focus of your newsletter going to be? Keep in mind, subscribers appreciate a concise, focused newsletter, filled with content they’re genuinely interested in. For instance, my own newsletter revolves around how to get clients from LinkedIn. Choose a theme that resonates with you and that you’re passionate about.

Part 4: Deciding Your Newsletter Structure
Some folks like to cover various contextually relevant topics within their newsletter. But, my mantra is simplicity. I vouch for one topic per newsletter. This approach ensures better readership and responses because it prevents an information overload for your readers.

Part 5: Fostering Consistency
Whether it’s your writing style, tone, or frequency of publishing newsletters, consistency is your best friend. Not only will this make your subscribers feel at ease with your material, but LinkedIn also rewards consistent efforts.

Remember, humans resonate well with consistency. So, aim to be a consistent figure in your subscribers’ minds.

Part 6: Making it Personal
Everyone can share information. But not everyone can share experiences.

Mark my words – the best way to make your newsletter stand out is to add your personal touch. Talk about your experiences, your successes, and transformations you’ve witnessed or brought about.

This personal content engages the audience and makes your newsletter truly magnetic for the subscribers. Each story, each nugget of wisdom you share, not only bolsters your credibility but also makes you relatable.

My actionable advice? Start with simplicity. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your readers by throwing in too many topics at once. Select a theme, stick to it, and consistently provide valuable content to your audience. Adding your personal experiences will add the cherry on top. Now, go ahead and start creating that newsletter.

Part 6: Moving Forward Fast
If you’d like to brainstorm about your LinkedIn Newsletter, LinkedIn marketing, or anything for that matter, jump on a quick call with me by typing “prouty dot me” into your web browser to get to my calendar page. I’ve got a few spots I keep open to help people out. -Chris

Connect with me on social, search for “chris prouty”

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