How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

How to get more sign ups in your courses coaching and memberships captions [Video]

Course Creator Marketing

How to get more sign ups in your courses coaching and memberships captions

How To Get More Students In Your Courses, Coaching and Memberships

One of the biggest questions I get asked as a Course Creation Coach, is “How can i get more people into my workshops, webinars, courses, coaching and memberships?”

And the answer is – its all in the planning.

Then, is in action…

In this video I share one of the most important steps to successfully marketing your training so that you can maximise the amount of bums you have on your seats.

Make a Yearly Training Plan

At the start of each year, I don’t just dive in headfirst; I meticulously map out the entire year.

This includes every workshop, course, webinar, challenge, and coaching program I plan to offer.


Because without a plan, there’s no marketing.

And without marketing, there are no students.

It’s that simple.

It also gives you the longest amount of exposure and lead time as possible for your promotions.

Map Out Your Student Success Journey

Imagine if you had to take somebody from a novice to an expert in your field within a year.

What would you have to teach them to get them there?

This helps you plan out a ‘journey of success’ that could be delivered in any myriad of delivery formats (workshops, webinars, online courses, coaching, retreats, memberships etc).

By plotting out a step-by-step journey, you can then plan your training schedule, your content creation AND your marketing in a logical way.

Turn Your Training Plan into a Visual Map or Student Schedule

Whether it’s individual courses, an annual coaching program, or my personal favorite, a subscription-based membership, the key to higher opt-ins is to show your audience the full journey that they could be on.

When people can see what they get it gives them more clarity and increases your conversions.

Lead Generation Like a Pro

The beauty of planning a year in advance?

It allows me to promote upcoming events across all platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Eventbrite, creating buzz and building anticipation months ahead of time.

The earlier it’s up, the sooner you start collecting eyeballs and sign-ups.

Sync Your Training Schedule With Your Marketing

My social media isn’t just random posts; it’s carefully curated to build up to my next offering.

If I have a workshop in February, you bet January’s content is tailored to pique interest in that topic, funneling my audience right where I want them: signing up for what’s next.

Whatever you are teaching next month, start creating interesting, helpful and engaging social media posts about it this month.

Can you see how everything starts tying together and giving you more direction and strategy behind your operations?

The Result? A Thriving Business

This level of planning is so simple, but can dramatically transform your business.

It aligns your marketing efforts with your goals, ensuring every piece of content has a purpose and leads to a paid offering that benefits your audience.

As a qualified teacher trainer and successful Course Creation Coach, I can help you get your knowledge out of your head, turn it into educational products and programs, set up all of your tech and learn how to stand out in your field as a well-known expert.

There’s a link in my b!o that takes you to my free training, my Legends Lab coaching program, my course creation bootcamp and my done-for-you course creation services

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