How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

Entrepreneurship NEVER starts this! Do this to make your dream come true in 2024 [Video]

Course Creator Marketing

Entrepreneurship NEVER starts this! Do this to make your dream come true in 2024

I’m Florencia Andrés. I’m a Mindvalley teacher, a bestselling author -have sold over a million copies all around the world, a speaker -I was awarded “best speaker of 2023” in some of the most important summits…

But my true passion today is teaching people to do what changed my life: learning how to build online courses.

I went from newbie -had never made a dollar online- to becoming a top course creator in Mindvalley, building my own 7 figure online business run from my home and being featured in Forbes.

And I teach others how to do the same.

I believe everybody has a course in them. I’m teaching all kinds of people to do it: coaches, therapists, artists, doctors, athletes…If you have a skill -whatever that skill is: you are great at excel spreadsheets, at nighttime routine with babies, at singing, at real state, at writing…you have an online course in you, that you can build in a way that makes you money even while you sleep.

How? You teach others what you already know. Package those teachings in one online course. Launch it the right way. And set yourself free. That’s what I teach at Easy Launch Academy

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Let me tell you how I discovered this

I met Vishen Lakhiani – founder of Mindvalley- in 2012 and he asked me “Why are you not doing online courses?” and I mumbled something like “Ahh it´s not my thing. I’m not a techie. And I prefer doing in person stuff”.
But then I became a Mom.

And all my “in person” things went out the window. I didn’t want to leave my baby to go to work.

So I started exploring the online world.

I made every mistake you can think of…cause I knew nothing about creating online courses

But I spent 9 years getting better. I learned from the best in the industry. Vishen himself taught me the best launching methods. The best marketers in the world, like Peter Kell and Alessio Pieroni taught me their tricks…

Today I am one of Mindvalley´s top creators. And I run my own 7 figure company from my home.

By creating online courses, I found the freedom that I could never get in a 9 to 5. I found the financial abundance I could have never gotten even when working 10 hours a day. I have found a way to create a big impact in the world…and above all, I have found the satisfaction of teaching others how to do the same.

It all starts with a first step: the decision to go for it.
And you can do this too!

Im teaching all sorts of people to do this

Want to give it a try?

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