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7 Invisible Obstacles to Digital Marketing Success
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Ecommerce Success with STI-CO Antenna Solutions – Exit Your Way [Video]


Ecommerce Success with STI-CO Antenna Solutions – Exit Your Way

Do you want to hear an ecommerce success story with a US Manufacturer?

If so, join us for this MFG eCommerce Success show to hear how Kylie Swiat, President & CEO STI- CO Industries reached out to Insyte Consulting (the local NY MEP) to help them migrate to an ecommerce-based web presence and create ecommerce success for STI-CO Antenna Solutions.

STI-CO® Antenna Solutions is a premier supplier of custom antenna solutions serving various industries, including Military & Defense, Covert Operations, Public Safety, Freight & Commuter Rail, as well as covert and overt applications for first responders.

Nicole expresses her admiration for manufacturers and believes they are the economy’s unsung heroes. She also shares her connection to manufacturing, as her father owned a successful manufacturing business.
Curt asks Kyle what made her interested in carrying on their dad’s legacy in manufacturing. Kyle reveals that her dad’s love for antennas inspired her and how the latter found a need for covert antennas in law enforcement.

In the future, Kyle envisions an evolution rather than a revolution. The company will focus on the military market and integrate various technologies to provide customer solutions, such as disaster communication kits and 5G technologies. She acknowledges that the technology changes quickly.

Curt asks Lance for advice on where to start with ecommerce for manufacturers who are just starting their journey.

Lance advises that understanding the customer’s buying journey and desires is crucial for manufacturers starting their ecommerce journey. He suggests that working with an agency like BigCommerce is a great place to start.

In response, Nicole, Curt, and Kyle appreciate Jon’s passion for serving American manufacturers.

The show ends with Curt and Nicole thanking Kyle, Jon, Ryan, and Lance for their efforts to serve their homeland and manufacturing community.

Our Guest
Kyle Swiat

Kyle is an expert in the field of manufacturing and engineering. She has been an instrumental force in the success of STI-CO, a leading manufacturer of antennas for both civil and military applications, including overt and covert use. With years of experience in the industry, Kylie has honed her skills in product development, project management, and business strategy. She is passionate about keeping her father’s legacy alive by continuing to innovate and pushing technology’s boundaries in the manufacturing world.

The guest studied at Buffalo University.

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