How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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Catch Me If You Can: NYCs Most Wanted Driver Trolls Cops In YouTube Interview [Video]

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  • A reckless driver gaining notoriety for posting his antics online was featured in a YouTube interview.
  • In the video, he says that he believes he’s a professional driver and admits to several crimes.
  • The driver, who goes by the social media name Squeeze Benz, says that his strategy for evading police involves taking advantage of “rookie” cops.

Many drivers engage in reckless behavior from time to time, but one individual in New York, known by his social media handles ‘Squeeze.Benz’ and ‘Slow benz,’ is gaining attention for taunting police officers and evading consequences.

After posting several videos featuring numerous violations, Squeeze.Benz agreed to an interview with another YouTuber known as Tommy G, who specializes in documentary-style videos. During the conversation, he discussed methods for avoiding the NYPD, explained his confidence in doing so, and rationalized why he believes his driving poses minimal risk.

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