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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Best Website Builder 2024 | The best platform for your needs! [Video]


Best Website Builder 2024 | The best platform for your needs!

🧨 Grab the best Website Builder with a discount to start 2024 on the right foot!🧨
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As we start the year 2024 there are more website builders than ever, and a lot of them are truly great tools. Considering the vast amount of possibilities and variety of projects, that could be built, you need a website builder that actually fits YOUR needs. Therefore, I’m delivering my recommendations for the BEST WEBSITE BUILDER for every situation…

💰 Best Valued Website Builder – Hostinger!

Hostiger is by far the most affordable website builder on the market. It comes with drag-and-drop controls allowing creative freedom, but there are not too many things here, ensuring I don’t feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next. There’s a nice selection of elements and premade sections or pages.

✅ Hostinger ➡️

🧩 Most Extensive Website Builder – Wix!

Wix is the most extensive website builder I have ever used. It’s probably quicker to name things it doesn’t have, but even then, there’s an add-on market with more than 500 extra features and tools for your project. But you probably see the problem with all of this – even with hints and tips along the way, Wix can be daunting for beginners

✅ Wix ➡️

🛍️ Best Builder For Online Stores – Shopify!

Now if you want to build and run online stores exclusively, then SHOPIFY will fill the spot for BEST WEBSITE BUILDER FOR ECOMMERCE. It does come with a 3-day free trial but being a platform all about selling it’s on the expensive side. And to be fair, even the premium plans come with less than 10 free included templates.

✅ Shopify ➡️

🛟 Best Builder For Beginners – Site123!

This builder should be a perfect choice for 2 types of users: beginners seeking a hassle-free editor and business projects that just need a good-looking website. The design options here are limited and it can feel slightly outdated in places, but it works surprisingly well for small-medium projects.

✅ Site123 ➡️

🎨 Best Builder for Portfolios – Squarespace!

Squarespace templates consistently win design awards for their innovation and I love the inclusion of easy-to-use marketing tools. While I consider Squarespace to be on the more expensive side, it does offer a 14-day free trial to test out most of what it has.

✅ Squarespace ➡️

The conclusion – Which Builder is the best?

Hostinger offers the best value for an easy-to-use builder. Wix is a super extensive platform that can build any website. Shopify is by far the best eCommerce website builder, while Site123 offers a very straightforward builder for complete beginners. Squarespace is the best website builder for portfolio and business websites that want to look stylish.

00:00 Intro
0:26 Hostinger Best Valued Website Builder!
1:05 Why I Recommend Using Hostinger!
2:12 Hostinger Limitations?
2:46 Hostinger Performance and Conclusion!
3:32 Wix Most Extensive Website Builder!
4:12 Why I Recommend Using Wix!
5:03 Wix Business Tools!
5:43 Wix Performance and Conclusion!
6:24 Shopify – Best Builder for eCommerce!
7:04 Shopify Limitations?
7:44 Why I Recommend Using Shopify!
8:37 Shopify Performance and Conclusion!
9:08 Site123 Best Builder For Beginners!
9:41 Why I Recommend Using Site123!
10:20 Site123 Business and Plans!
11:16 Site123 Performance and Conclusion!
11:49 Squarespace Best Builder For Portfolios!
12:24 Why I Recommend Using Squarespace!
13:11 Squarespace Marketing Tools!
13:43 Squarespace Performance and Conclusion!
14:28 What is the best Website Builder for 2024?

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