How to get your first sale on shopify – Brand Challenge PT 4 Mini Course – 0-$100 Day Shopify Brand [Video]

Building and generating your first online business may seem very hard, in this video I summarize all the steps we did to get to the point where you can start marketing and advertising your product and getting your first sale on Shopify!Resources:1 on 1 Call with Me: Strategy Call to go over anything Ecom related (product research, website building, Brand Guide, Facebook ads etc) – Community – Micro Brand Accelerator $97/Mth đź’» đź’°: Resource for market analysis & product research: Your Ideas and brands funded: Photos and videos for your products: BRANDS:7 FIGURE BRAND: Moderngarden.coBRAND CHALLENGE LAUNCH 2021: trynaturale.coFREE Case Study on How To Start and Scale an eCommerce “Micro-Brand” That Crushes Traditional Drop-shipping and Amazon FBA Stores:…Apply For The 90-Day “Micro-Branding” eCommerce Accelerator mentorship program here:…*CONNECT WITH ME *INSTAGRAM COPYRIGHT INTENDED. NO MUSIC IS BEING CLAIMED AS OWN ALL CREDITS GO TO RIGHTFUL OWNERS.*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor or expert of some kind, not pretending to be one either. All information or advice I give on any social media is my opinion based off my own experience. Do your own research, do the work and take everything as an opinion. WISH YOU SUCCESS AND MORE MOMENTUM.

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YT Ads not running? Troubleshoot like this [Video]

In this video, we’ll go over some of the most common situations that can happen for YouTube ads to stop running, and how we can troubleshoot itGET A DEMO OF OUR YT ADS COURSE: A DISCOVERY CALL WITH LINX: OUR FB GROUP AND ASK SHASH ANYTHING!’t forget to subscribe to see videos before anyone else to get access to the youtube ads academy and to see what’s working in digital marketing as well as the latest online marketing strategies for a digital agency: with Shash on Facebook: Shash on Instagram: with Linx Digital on Linkedin!: Linx Digital Agency:Linx focuses on video ads for YouTube Ads and has made a name for themselves focusing on clients who provide courses, info products, consulting and service offers as well as high ticket tangible goods. The Linx team has grown over the years and now comprised of a dozen full-time & part-time employees. All our staff goes through extensive media buying and data analysis training. If you want to get 2x-5x ROI on your Ads, request your free consultation here- About this video:In this video, we explain how to troubleshoot when YouTube Ads is not working for you, somehow.We show the most common situations and how to fix them.


DAY 1: SEO & FUNNELS (Squarespace SEO for Conversions free 5 day challenge) [Video]

DAY 1 of the Squarespace SEO for Conversions Challenge!Join the challenge – everyone! I’m so excited to kick off the Squarespace SEO for Conversions Challenge with Day 1, where we’re talking all about Squarespace SEO & funnels: -what are funnels and how do they relate to Squarespace SEO-the role they play in online marketing and audience building -the different types of conversions you might be focused on-how to establish conversion goals for your SEO funnel- & a lot more!The Squarespace SEO Level-Up Challenge is my brand new, free 5 day challenge for anyone with a Squarespace website. We’re going live every day this week, Monday-Friday @ 9am PST/12noon EST. Follow along live, watch the replay and be sure to grab the workbook using the link below.Challenge info & WORKBOOK: you back here tomorrow for Day 2!-CharlotteWebsite: