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The YouTube Ads Strategy & Funnels Robin Uses to Make $5 Million for His Advertising Clients [Video]

The YouTube Ads Strategy & Funnels Robin Uses to Make $5 Million for His Advertising Clients in 2021. In this video Shash follows up with Robin Bouwman to discuss what tips & strategies from our video advertising & marketing course he currently uses to grow a client’s video ad campaign on Youtube.GET A DEMO OF OUR YT ADS COURSE: Introduction01:03 The 2 new things Robin started implementing since we interviewed him 4 months ago02:02 Has Robin tried adding background music and sound effects to his video creatives?02:12 Does the Dutch market currently have relatively low competition? 02:52 What are the main differences he sees between American vs Dutch marketers?05:42 What tactics & strategies will he use in 2021 & 2022 to scale his clients with YouTube Ads?08:16 Is he just focused on scaling up agency and scaling internationally for now?09:06 Does the skills he learns running an international market help him with Dutch clients?10:07 How does language barriers affect marketing methods?12:08 What trends does he see in the high-ticket info products and coaching niche?14:31 Why it’s become important to add more personalisation with VSL funnels.17:34 Why it’s a good idea to make it personal in the beginning, eg. offering complimentary coaching calls.19:30 Why having a 2nd opinion or outside perspective with any marketing message is a super-hack.20:14 What is the biggest value Robin got from our coaching programme?BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL WITH LINX: OUR FB GROUP AND ASK SHASH ANYTHING!’t forget to subscribe to see videos before anyone else to get access to the YouTube ads academy and to see what’s working in digital marketing as well as the latest online marketing strategies for a digital agency: with Shash on Facebook: Shash on Instagram: with Linx Digital on Linkedin: Linx Digital Agency:Linx focuses on video ads for YouTube Ads and has made a name for themselves focusing on clients who provide courses, info products, consulting, and service offers as well as high ticket tangible goods. The Linx team has grown over the years and now comprised of a dozen full-time & part-time employees. All our staff goes through extensive media buying and data analysis training. If you want to get 2x-5x ROI on your Ads, request your free consultation here-


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