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5. Theory Ideation & Prototyping | Theory [Video]

Learn how to ideate and prototype solutions for your clients.Once you know the problem then you can start throwing your ideas around, getting down as many as you can. Prototyping will then help you test which ones are working, enabling you to refine as you gather more data. We’ll look at ideation techniques and how to test your solution. 🔔 Subscribe to our channel to be notified when we upload new videos like this one:💡 WHAT YOU’LL LEARN What is ideation What are some popular Brainstorming techniques How to use Sketching to generate ideas How to challenge, sort and choose ideas during a brainstorming What are Prototypes and how to use them Why testing your ideas with prototypes is important_______________✏️ CANVA GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSEThis video is part of our Graphic Design Course. The course is made out of Theory lessons and Skill ones, where we take you to the Canva Editor to design! This video is part of Unit 02, make sure you watch the rest of the course:Unit 01 | Seeing like a designer: 02 | Thinking like a designer:😎 IN THE MOOD FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE? Discover short Canva Tips & Tricks: Check out our Canva step-by-step tutorials for freelancers and small businesses: Learn from our brand ambassadors, the Canva Certified Creatives (CCCs): Try our “Canva for Beginners” Free Course: #Beginner #GraphicDesign


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