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TalentLMS review: the best features, pricing, customization [Video]

Watch FREE MasterClass โ†’ How to Guarantee the Success of Your eLearning Program: LMS is an example of an LMS primarily used in organizations for online course creation that provides training and development to your employees, contractors, and team other members. Today, we are doing a TalentLMS review. We will talk about the six best features we love about this learning management system. So, let’s dive in! In this video, you will learn: 1:25 The six best features of TalentLMS1:30 You can get started for free (5 users)2:45 TalentLMS has two options for pricing (to save you $$$!)6:50 TalentLMS offers SSO7:50 What is SSO? 8:50 TalentLMS offers an API documentation 11:00 There are different ways you can group your learners13:15 TalentLMS was created by Greeks 14:30 Free MasterClass Invite! Get your bonuses by signing up with TalentLMS: Other equipment & tools we use: Revolution Lightboard VideoAsk If you liked the video, please make sure to give it thumbs up and subscribe to our channel and ring the notification bell ๐Ÿ”” so you won’t miss our new videos. Donโ€™t forget to share with your friends and family. We would love to hear your opinions, comment down below. Thanks for watching.#talentlmsfeatures #onlinecoursecreation #learningmanagementsystem #toplms