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Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch S7, Ep. 2: Why Did Our Investors Throw Out 3 Entrepreneurs Mid-Pitch? [Video]

Don’t miss a tense, new Elevator Pitch episode — watch now!It’s a new week, so you know what that means: An all NEW Elevator Pitch is here, and you won’t want to miss this week’s exciting episode. While the ascent to our boardroom of investors is high for our four startups, the stakes and tension have never been higher. Watch as entrepreneurs pitching food-waste, children’s education, noise-canceling technology and solar-panel companies race against the clock to impress our three investors. Who is able to strike a deal, and whose business proposal is declared a “waste of time” by our judges?  This episode is powered by ASU’s Innovation Open, an annual competition for the world’s top collegiate tech ventures. Each startup you’ll see on this episode is a previous Innovation Open winner.  Learn more at


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