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Quinn Lewis on overcoming self-doubt & finding his sound | Creator Sessions [Video]

Quinn Lewis is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve. Since his track “Slipping” hit #1 on HypeMachine in 2017, his soulful and intimate style has continued to blow listeners away.In this Creator Session, Quinn shares songs off his new EP, When I was Sad and gets honest about the ebbs and flows of his journey to becoming a successful artist. We chat about trusting your creative collaborators, finding self-satisfaction, discovering inspiration organically, and more!Listen to Quinn’s EP, “When I was Sad” –—00:00 Opening00:42 Introduction02:21 ‘Don’t Love Back’ Song05:34 How Quinn wrote ‘Don’t Love Back’07:27 ‘Before We End This’ Song11:40 What Quinn wish he knew before moving to Nashville12:49 How Quinn overcame self-doubt14:18 How Quinn and Brett wrote ‘Monsters’15:27 ‘Monsters’ Song19:23 How Quinn wrote ‘Castle Walls’20:34 How Quinn found his sound22:16 ‘Castle Walls’ Song24:58 Outro26:36 ‘Hurt Me Now’ Song29:25 How Quinn wrote ‘Hurt Me Now’31:48 Songwriting with your best friend—ABOUT CONVERTKIT:ConvertKit’s mission is to help creators earn a living online through our creator marketing platform. Get the inspiration you need to dream big, create more, and build your business right here. Try it for free: HOW TO USE EMAIL MARKETING: ConvertKit Creator Education YouTube Channel: Get more training in our knowledgebase: US ON SOCIAL! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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TaxiTax Website Promo | Web Design Company [Video]

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