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Sell Google My Business As A Service Add On As a Freelancer To Make More Money! [Video]

One freelancer earned an extra $1,800 by selling Google My Business service management to her client and you can too! Google My Business is GOLD for local businesses and in this video, I share a few ways you can sell Google My Business services to your clients which means YOU get to make more money! 0:00 – Getting Started 0:37 – Disclaimer 1:15 – Package offerings to local business owners 1:48 – Ongoing services to offer 1:51 – Offering 1: review monitoring/reputation management 2:21 – Offering 2: spam fighting 2:46 – Offering 3: question & answers 3:01 – Offering 4: post to the listing 3:27 – Offering 5: optimization Ready to take your digital marketing or social media marketing freelancing skills to the next level? Join Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint to learn my systems and processes that set me on pace for a 6-figure business: ✅✅✅The best part? Digital marketing and social media marketing training topics such as Google My Business are taught in Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint which means you have more services to offer as a freelancer! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥Hi, Jennifer Sargeant here, local business digital marketing expert and the owner of Freelance & Financial Freedom Blueprint. I became a digital marketing freelancer in May of 2020 with the main mission to start replacing missing income due to the downfall of our economy. I applied everything I learned from 10 years of working in the digital marketing industry to my freelance business. Digital Sargeant went from essentially starting at 0 to a small digital marketing agency in just 7-months. Now, I coach other freelancers through the transformation of just starting as a freelancer to a thriving freelance business. All freelancers go through the same challenges, we’re all trying to get clients, price our services, grow our business, and everything in between. ✅✅✅If you’re looking for a coach to GUIDE you through the freelancing trenches then look no further. Check out Freelance + Financial Freedom Blueprint by going here: ✅✅✅✅ Get Freelance Clients webinar replay here:✅ Want free digital marketing training? Check out this YouTube video for instant access:✅ More free digital marketing advice at✅ Enhance your YouTube SEO with TubeBuddy! Purchase through this affiliate link:✅ Schedule posts on Google My Business + more with Publer! Publer affiliate link: me on all social media: @digitalsargeantPS: This entire video was made from my iPhone!#JenniferSargeant #Freelancing #GetFreelanceClients


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