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This Fake Guru Teaches You How to Go Broke [Video]

Christopher Mitchell claims to be a professional gambler, but is clearly not one. He touts that he is an expert roulette, baccarat, and blackjack player.I break down why his Martingale strategy is a terrible way to make money online. It is a losing strategy long term.DISCLAIMER: Everything in this video is for entertainment purposes only and should be treated as such. Everything in this video can be found via public information.INSTAGRAM – Intro0:35 – Chris claims he’s a pro gambler LOL1:46 – Chris’ alleged $25k payday2:37 – Chris’ magical system4:30 – Why martingale leads to going broke4:59 – Chris loses $36k in one night5:28 – The Mitchellgale strategy6:26 – Chris is an amateur gambler7:46 – Chris’ opinion on rich vs. poor8:58 – Chris’ business opportunity past10:24 – Mentor’s advice11:24 – Addressing criticism and his $100k month13:08 – Final thoughts


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