Accordion Dropdown for FAQ’s (and more) in Squarespace [Video]

Link to Free Code: to Purchase Plugin: Timestamps0:00 – Introduction1:00 – Building HTML structure3:25 – Basic CSS formatting for the Accordion7:27 – Adding in Javascript Click Events12:22 – Loading jQuery13:55 – Toggling Classes on an Element with jQuery16:45 – Adding Multiple Accordion’s Per Page=========DescriptionSo you want to build some accordion dropdowns on your Squarespace site. Maybe for FAQ’s or maybe just for other general information. In this tutorial, I’m going to go over how to build a basic dropdown block. I’ve also built a plugin that you can purchase that allows you to build accordion sections really easily, as well as use just regular Squarespace blocks within an accordion dropdown instead of coding everything. TLDR: if you want a really easy way to add accordion blocks to your site, check out my super affordable plugin. If you want to learn more about coding accordion blocks using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, watch the full tutorial above.========= More Links:Tab Ipsum Chrome Plugin: