Wix Editor X Tutorial: How to Use Masters [Video]

In this Wix Editor X Tutorial, I will show you how to use Masters to create headers, footers, and sections once, and reuse them as many times as you would like on your site with the click of a button, or two. If you would like to receive more exclusive Wix content such as resources, training, and courses then make sure to join this mailing list of Contents:00:21​​ What are Masters?00:30 Do you use Masters?00:43​​ When and how to use Masters01:16​​ Creating a Master Section01:38 How to move a Master Sections location within the page01:52 How to detach a Master from a section____________________________________________________________________________ MY TOOLSHardware• 2019 16” MacBook Pro:• 2019 iPad 10.2”:• Apple Pencil (1st Gen):• Dell 27” 4k Monitor:• Magic Mouse 2:• Magic Keyboard:• Adobe Creative Cloud:• Webflow (Amazing no-code website builder):• Wix:• Flaticon (Free graphics and icons):• Freepik (Free graphics and icons):• Vecteezy (Free graphics and icons):• Unsplash (Free high-quality lifestyle photography): ★ ★ ★ BUDGET STARTER PACKAGE ★ ★ ★• MacBook Pro 13inch:• Adobe Creative Cloud: EXTRA:• iPad 10.2:• Apple Pencil:• (Not Needed, but great for wireframes, notes, and testing site responsiveness)____________________________________________________________________________ ABOUT:I am a designer and marketer, who has a passion for web design. I like to help others by sharing my processes, tips and tricks, and the best software and tools to use for web design. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL:Ko-Fi: CONNECT WITH ME:Twitter:…Facebook:…LinkedIn:


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