What Is A User Flow | How To Use Them For Content Strategy [Video]

User flows aren’t just for web design and user experience, they can also help you build a killer content strategy. But first you have to understand what a user flow actually is and how to change your behavior to maximize the power of this tool.Here I’ll teach you how to become more observant for your users and the basics of what a user flow is along with how I have utilized user flows for improving my content strategy.Becoming more observant allows you to understand where flaws and redundancies happen in your content flow. The 3 steps to becoming more observant:Write it downSlow it downRepeat itOnce you have become more observant you can start to understand your users’ decisions that help them reach your objectives. Whether that is to convert a user for a purchase, gain new followers, or bring new users into returning. Each time you build a user flow for your content strategy you will start to improve your user experience. Mentioned blog posts: SAY HI!Blog: https://melissakane.comInstagram:…Disclaimer: Some links in this description might be affiliate links. Making a purchase for a product or service through any of these links may resulting in me receiving a commission. There is no additional charge to you, but I do appreciate your support so I can continue to bring you new and exciting content to help you grow your blog, business, or brand for free.

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Content Marketing Tips – Easy Ways to Edit your Video and Image Content [Video]

Editing social media content no longer requires extensive experience with complex video and image editing programs. Today, there are quite a few inexpensive apps you can use that make this process incredibly easy, even for total beginners!In this clip from one of our bi-weekly marketing workshops (go to to find out about the next one), I cover a couple of the ones I recommend!I hope you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and leave a comment. Have any questions? Shoot me a text at 813-212-2196 I answer my own texts! ➡️📱 If you want to learn more about marketing and how to dominate the social media advertising game join my coaching program. Check out https://www.agmninjalab.com𝗟𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗡 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘: Sign up to the FREE Mini-Course series that has helped thousands of people scale their businesses:📲 Subscribe to my podcast✍️ Visit my blog𝗙𝗢𝗟𝗟𝗢𝗪 𝗠𝗘 𝗢𝗡:👍🏻 Facebook:💬 Messenger: Instagram:𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 #ManuelSuarez: Several years ago I started a business, launching my own brand. Within a year, through my study and application of #SocialMediaAdvertising, it was a multi-million dollar company. I sold it a few months later.After this, I started taking on clients. I took my first client from $800k in monthly sales to over three million in six months.I’ve helped generate over half a billion views across various channels, and millions of followers.I like to help people. I like to help them expand and flourish in their life. And through my knowledge of #SocialMedia Advertising, I can help you too.#content #marketingtips #videocontent #imagecontent #marketing #contentcreation

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Don’t Feel Like Making Content? Do THIS! [Video]

Do you ever feel like not making content? Here’s what to do… From no audience to income in 30 days. Download my FREE 30 Day Online Income Jumpstart Guide → it comes to online business, I am a huge advocate of working less (which you probably know by now I’ve you’ve been paying attention). At one point in time, I was very protective of the tasks and routines I had that made up my business, but nowadays I make an effort to scale down the work I do each year. Many of the things I eliminate or delegate are things that I don’t need to do or things I don’t really want to do. But with each year that this refining process takes place, there is always one thing that stays the same. One thing that I’ve always done and will continue to do, probably till the end of my days. What is that thing? Content.Content is the main driver of your business. If you and I stop making content, our businesses will eventually cease to make money. So in today’s episode, I want to give you a straight answer (and maybe a kick in the pants) when it comes to creating content. (Hint: You can’t stop making it! EVER!)In this video you’ll learn:- What the number one rule of running an online business is- The two hats or roles you take on every single day in your business and what they mean for your content creation- How I was able to create one of my best pieces of content, even though I just came off an intense disagreement with my wife – and what you can learn from that storyHope you enjoy!- Graham Hope you enjoy!


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Now is the time to be thinking about your business’s future. Take this opportunity to build a following, get people into your sales funnel and nurture the relationships so they’ll buy from you when they’re ready. If you’d like to see how an Automated Video Curation strategy can work for you, book a free call […]