7 Ways to Build an Audience with Video

    This is What You’ll Achieve!

    1. Post Videos Frequently

    Search Engines and Social Media rank video content higher if it’s fresh and relevant. If you can’t create videos every day, use Automated Video Curation to get attention and drive more traffic to your site.

    2. Video Sitemap

    Without a Video Sitemap your video Thumbnails might not appear in search results. Video Thumbnails increase visibility and attract traffic.

    3. Put the word “Video” in Page Titles and Headlines

    If the title of your video doesn’t have the word “video”, put it at the end in square brackets [VIDEO]. A search result or social media post with video attracts more attention and clicks.

    4. Popular Hashtags

    Use hashtags your audience is searching for when you post on Social Media. Use a Hashtag Analyzer, to choose hashtags your audience is looking for.

    5. Attractive Titles

    Pick titles for your videos and your pages that are optimized for SEO and are enticing to your audience. Use a Title Analyzer to ensure your titles are catchy.

    6. Video Transcript

    Post a video transcript or a detailed description on the page with your video. A video on a page won’t get much SEO unless there is some text for the search engine to index.

    7. Metatags

    Use Video Object Schema and OpenGraph Metatags when you post videos you create or curate. Search engines and social media rely on Metatags to find your video and display it attractively.

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