YouTube, Too, Is Reportedly Turning Into a Mall [Video]

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The retail apocalypse is here, and the future looks like an antitrust hearing. Not to be outdone by Facebook and Instagram — the now-one-stop-shop for all forms of social media, and also a literal shop — Google, too, is coming for Jeff Bezos’s filthy, unfathomable riches with in-platform e-commerce. Soon after Instagram announced that it’s adding a store and direct checkout feature for its video platforms IGTV and Reels, YouTube confirmed to Bloomberg that it’s plotting something similar by attaching digital merch stands to its video library.

Gizmodo was unable to immediately reach YouTube for comment, and it’s unclear what this new spate of features will look like. Maybe hovering over JoJo Siwa’s hair could point users to a store of bows and shampoos? Maybe a “shop now” label beneath videos brings up a product menu, like YouTube’s ad storefronts? Let us know if you’ve spotted it; the company said it’s already testing some version of these tools …

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