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YouTube Marketing: Tips, Strategies, Best Practices for 2021 | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™ [Video]

YouTube Marketing: Tips, Strategies, Best Practices for 2021 | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™

If you’re looking to get into video marketing, there’s no better channel than YouTube. The good news is you don’t need to flood thousands of dollars in YouTube advertising.
Hi I’m Cally, from the International Institute of Digital Marketing. Here’s how to create a good channel that constantly puts out quality content that people want.
Create a Great Channel Layout & Organize Your Youtube Content
The first step to YouTube marketing is to have a great channel layout. When people come to your channel, they need to know what you’re about and what types of videos you have.
Create Regular YouTube Video Content
Consistently updating your channel with content will keep your channel feed active, increase your presence on YouTube, and help you build an audience.
You should aim for a minimum of one video per week, but the right amount of content depends on your audience, your goals, and your content.
Design The Right YouTube Thumbnails
Don’t skip this part. Choosing your YouTube thumbnail is just as, if not more, important than crafting a great title.
Cross-Promote with Other Channels
To increase your reach on YouTube, make it a priority to identify and reach out to other similar channels to cross-promote or collaborate in a mutually beneficial manner.
This doesn’t mean that you need a huge following on YouTube already. You can use your email list, social following, or even embed videos on your website to drive traffic.
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Video Content Marketing

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The story behind StoryTap’s evolution during the COVID pandemic and the unique ways that it evolved.Full Video Interview with Bernadette Butler (StoryTap) here: covered: video marketing,customer feedback,customer reviews,reviews,ratings,customer surveys,consumer marketing,video marketing tips,video marketing for business,video marketing strategy,video marketing trends,online video marketing,video marketing for small business,video marketing 2021,youtube video marketing tips,video marketing youtube,business video marketing,video marketing tutorial,how to do video marketing,video marketing statistics,video marketing strategy 2020

Video Content Marketing Meat are a food technology company based in the Netherlands. Mosa Meat’s mission is to completely reshape the future of food: making it better for us, the planet, and for animals. How are they doing it? Simple, by creating the world’s kindest burger using cultivated beef.We caught up with Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat to get his perspective on the changing demands of consumers in the meat category, and how he sees the role of the supplier playing an integral role in the changes to come.Discover how Mosa Meat understand patterns of consumption and the key factors that affect consumer decision and purchase behavior, when it comes down to meat consumption. 0:48 Bosch explains that the main factors affecting the purchase decision of possible consumers are: - Animal welfare - Positive impact on the environment - Improved consumer health This is especially true for younger generations of consumers. 1:26 He also explains that as time passes by and due to economies of scale, their product will become more affordable. According to him, he goes on, this is so, because production will be done on a lower price, having a positive impact on price levels for consumers. Climate change and helping towards a better climate is Mosa Meat's main mission, as Bosch goes on explaining. This is so because animals produce greenhouse emissions. However what consumers want is meat and not necessarily negative externalities on the climate that are associated with meat production. He goes on and explains that with Mosa Meta's way of production, 97% of greenhouse emissions that would come from the meat production industry could be reduced. They are not telling the consumer to replace or change their meat consumption pattern, as Mosa Meat is also meat, they're improving the way meat is produced, having a positive impact on climate change.This video is a part of an interview series with industry experts regarding their views on the five major forces for change defining the FMCG landscape.Follow us on social media!Subscribe to our YouTube channel: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on Instagram: