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YouTube Facebook Marketing Tips Using Trending Keywords For Promoting Global [Video]

YouTube Facebook Marketing Tips Using Trending Keywords For Promoting Global

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Disclaimer: This information is only for entertainment purposes only to share vital information on how to promote on social media platforms using key words. THERE CAN BE NO ASSURANCE THAT ANY PRIOR SUCCESSES,
YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS OR RESULTS. Please only deposit what you can never afford to
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Putting All Of Your Money Into Crypto | Jason Urban, Co-Head Of Trading, Galaxy Digital [Video]

“When there’s blood in the streets, that’s the time to buy.” Jason Urban, Co-Head of Trading at Galaxy Digital, left a lucrative career in traditional finance to bet big on Crypto. Now, his firm has $2.1 Billion in assets under management and boasts 215 portfolio companies, spanning the crypto economy. Jason stops by to talk about the downturn, the opportunities that Galaxy sees in the market, and what he thinks is coming next. JOIN THE FREE WOLF DEN NEWSLETTER📩 YOU TO OUR SPONSOR Have you ever had your exchange go completely offline during days of high volatility? Of course you have. We've all been through it. Those days are no longer with Bullish. Bullish is a new breed of digital asset exchange that empowers users to trade with deep and predictable liquidity across highly variable market conditions. They also have incredible automated market-making and industry-leading security. I can't get enough of this platform and it's fully regulated.Sign up here: is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Virtual assets and related products are high risk. Consult your investment advisor and trade responsibly. Bullish is available in select locations only and not to U.S persons. Visit for important information and risk warnings.EPISODE LINKSJason’s Twitter: & Marketing Team: SCOTT MELKER• Twitter:• Facebook: • Web: • Spotify: • Apple Podcasts: SHOW NOTES00:00 Intro00:15 A Note from Our Sponsor - Jason Urban Intro00:49 How to Handle the Bear Market05:45 Why Jason Jumped into Crypto 11:50 Galaxy’s Investing Strategy12:30 Impact on Traditional Finance 18:20 A Note from Our Sponsor - Innovation is the Answer to Inflation20:29 Regulation and Energy Usage22:40 What’s Next for Crypto?27:47 Institutions Are Moving Into Crypto30:27 Thanks for WatchingGET COMPREHENSIVE NUTRITION AND GUT HEALTH SUPPORT IN ONE DAILY DRINK ON THE WORLD’S BEST DEX, BULLISH: AN $8,000 BONUS WHEN YOU SIGN UP AT BITGET: