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Youre on mute Five things that marketing in a pandemic can teach us about cutting through noise [Video]


A, now-familiar, voice joyfully shouts as, for the fourteenth time that day, someone is caught chatting away, blissfully unaware they’re in a silent movie.

“You’re on mute!” they chorus, as the unfortunate ‘victim’ dutifully rolls their eyes, throws their arms up in self derision and searches out the unmute button to apologise (again).

It’s become a symbol of the pandemic.  An in-joke shared by millions.  And interestingly, it mirrors the challenge that many brands continue to face.

How can any of us be heard through all this noise?

There is so much news.  We are awash with breaking information, assaulting imagery and alarming world commentary – juxtaposed with a surprisingly-varied collection of home-schooling parodies of Julie Andrews hits, an avalanche of snow day pictures and an endless stream of ads for funky face masks.

Pandemics are busy.

So, how can brands go about cutting through noise?  To find that sliver of space to connect with customers, bond over a shared experience, meet …

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