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Your social media engagement is dying? Take a look at this! [Video]

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I’ve been following on various digital marketing brands for some time and noticed that their social media engagement doesn’t often look as good as it could.

Quite often, it depends on the type and quality of content that they promote, but that’s not the only issue here. Today, when people’s expectations as consumers are through the roof, running a successful social media channel for a brand is a seriously complicated job. Especially when it comes to Twitter and LinkedIn, where nowadays it’s very hard to get a substantial number of likes and shares.

Tip: Facebook is a different story: company pages died a while ago and the only option to keep Facebook engagement up is to launch a community group. That requires x10 more time compared to other social media channels and is not the best next move for every business.

Twitter and LinkedIn are the most commonly used social media for digital marketing brands and lately, LinkedIn has been even increasing in popularity.

Regardless of what social …

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