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You Ask, I Answer: Understanding BERT’s Role in SEO? – Christopher S. Penn [Video]

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You Ask, I Answer: Understanding BERT's Role in SEO?

Tara asks, “With the confirmation of BERT’s role in search ranking as Google DeepRank, could you explain more what this means?”

BERT is a model, which is like saying it’s a blender or a frying pan. It’s how BERT is used that impacts our understanding of its SEO impact.

BERT is great at:
– classification of text
– named entity recognition
– question answering
– concept and text extraction
– understanding complete text context

Based on those capabilities, how do these impact search, and how is it likely being fine-tuned? For that we turn to the Search Quality Rating Guidelines, aka at least part of the fine-tuning/training data set, along with user behaviors in production.

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