WordPress is Not Meant for eCommerce: A Myth or Reality? [Video]

WordPress is Not Meant for eCommerce: A Myth or Reality?

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Despite powering 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce sites, there has been concern and confusion when thinking of #WordPressforeCommerce. As per statista, WooCommerce is the second most popular ecommerce platform, with a market share of 23.43% as of April 2021.

Choosing WordPress for eCommerce revolves around facing false criticism about scalability, security, flexibility, etc. Let us resolve the critical ones.

Myth-1: WordPress offers limited functionalities affecting the eCommerce features
Myth-2: Security features of WordPress are not sufficient for eCommerce platform
Myth-3: Websites of top brands avoid WordPress
Myth-4: WordPress is not suitable for a large eCommerce site
Myth-5: WordPress ecommerce plugins are not reliable in performance

In this blog let us check out if there is any truth about to the rumours.

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