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Why your UI Designs are so Ugly [Video]

Why your UI Designs are so Ugly

Episode 3 – Jon Frok discovers why his first UI design turned out like 💩. Are you in the same boat? Worry not, it’s all about the fundamentals. Watch the first episode here:

What is “The Boja”? The Boja are an aggressive alien species that will arrive to Earth in 2 years (2085). This series takes place in 2083 where ‘Jon Frok’ must learn UI design in order to defeat the alien enemy.

0:00 – Jon’s First UI Design
0:52 – Improving Jon’s Design
2:00 – Before & After
2:12 – Music, Snakes & Design Refactoring
3:00 – Outro

Intro music (heavily modified) –
“Obariom – Seti”:

Music at 26 seconds in:
Faderhead – The Harsh Rejector

Music beginning at 1:05:
Cyberoptics – Excalibur (Unreleased at the time of releasing this video):

#boja #jonfrok #uidesign

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