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Why Writing Quick Answers for Google is Not Enough [Video]

Capturing the quick answer is so 2018.

Today, you should be solving not just for the “top box,” but also for users. In today’s Content & Links, Ross shares some of his favorite ways brands have incorporated copywriting, UX and branding on page to inform their quick answer strategy.

Video Transcription

Today we’re gonna be talking about how to take your quick answers to the next level. Otherwise described as Featured Snippets, people are getting smarter and smarter as SEOs to be able to solve for this section.

You can do that by genuinely structuring your pages to think through how a robot would extract the answer into that featured snippet box.

As the tl;dr, we see this version from Homebuyer, you can see it in the title is “What Is Homeowner’s Insurance” and the first sentence is “Homeowners insurance is…”

what is homeowners insurance

That would give a robot confidence that that is a …

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