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Why the Best Days of Content Marketing Are Still Ahead of Us [Video]

It’s not only the global pandemic that has made people turn to the Internet for news and entertainment.

With businesses conducting more of their communication online even before the pandemic’s onset, content marketing has taken on a greater role.

This shift started with the drive toward digital transformation in business. Doing business almost entirely online was a reality long before the coronavirus hit our shores.

Consumers, too, cut the cable pre-pandemic and have turned to streaming services, podcasts, and other platforms for information and entertainment. Their hunger for relevant information isn’t likely to stop anytime in the foreseeable future.

Then the pandemic hit. According to an October 2020 Statista report, global web traffic and time per session increased by 1.5 percent. Even more significant increases occurred in both transactions (26.7 percent) and conversions (24.7 percent).

Image courtesy of Statista

If content marketers can leverage the gains we’ve made over the past year to boost those numbers even more, certainly, the best days of content …

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