Why Squarespace is STILL Better than Webflow [Video]

Why Squarespace is STILL Better than Webflow

Are you trying to decide which service to build your site on? Join me as we take a look at some of the merits and drawbacks of Squarespace and Webflow. I have had the opportunity to build professional grade sites on both platforms and would love to share my experience.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – Webflow has Design Freedom
03:16 – Animations & Interactions
07:28 – User Friendliness
08:56 – Templates
12:26 – Free Plan
12:41 – CMS & Blogging
13:48 – Dynamic product and content integration
14:21 – SEO
16:33 – Marketing integrations
17:09 – Customize checkout
17:18 – Store management tools
17:45 – Order management, Transaction emails, Payment options
18:17 – Squarespace Themes
20:20 – Flux Academy
21:59 – Austin Riley Gray
23:48 – Shoutout Squarespace Themes, myflowmate, link below
26:27 – Outro
27:13 – Logo Outro

I’m David, a search specialist, and beginner YouTuber from Orange County, CA. I started on Google Ads (also called SEM) and have managed over $3M in ad spend. I’ve also designed over 150 Squarespace websites. My team and I work on about 30 SEO projects a month and help companies get found on Google with SEO, SEM, or design a powerful website.

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This video is applicable to Squarespace 7.0 only. Captions are text titles and descriptions that add information and context to your images. Captions don’t have their own style tweaks. Instead, they follow the tweaks for other text on your site.For more information on styling image captions, visit: started on your Squarespace website at: https://www.squarespace.comFor more Squarespace tutorials, visit: SQUARESPACESquarespace empowers millions of dreamers, makers, and doers by providing them with the tools they need to bring their creative ideas to life. On Squarespace’s dynamic all-in-one platforms, customers can claim a domain, build a website, sell online, and market a brand. Our suite of products combines cutting-edge design and world-class engineering, making it easier than ever to establish and own your online presence.FOLLOW US ON SOCIALIG: