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Why is Google the best search engine? [Video]

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Let’s know about Google the best search engine – We all now know what It is we probably use it, as a verb, I Google this at Google that I’m going to Google. Google is awesome and I want to show you some things I don’t know if any of you are aware of that, you can do with Google some other ways, you can search some really unique searching techniques that Google offers, that most people are just stuck with looking at the page.

Google the best search engine

search engine

Secret Ways About Google

1- Google Maps.

The first one I have for you is Google Maps, this is pretty popular most people.

right now know what Google Maps is

you should see something like this here well yeah.

you can sit and search for distances from A to B you know the plot.

and get directions to this place to that place or see different locations are …

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