Why InPost parcel lockers are so important for Allegro [Video]

Allegro is the dominant e-commerce player in Poland – and its success is due in part to its relationship with InPost. So why are InPost parcel lockers so important for Allegro?

In this Last Mile Prophets video, Marek Różycki (managing partner at Last Mile Experts) analyses the relationship between e-commerce giant Allegro and parcel locker network provider InPost:

  • Allegro’s role in Polish e-commerce
  • The special relationship between InPost and Allegro
  • Allegro’s IPO (including Marek’s wise prediction)
  • Popularity of parcel lockers in Poland
  • Amazon’s entry into Poland
  • Alibaba in Poland (including InPost’s role)
  • Allegro Smart and the role of parcel lockers in making this subscription service sustainable
  • Parcel lockers and same-day delivery

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