Why didn’t Katie read Ron’s brilliant report? [Video]

Katie Brook is busier than ever.

Today, she has to sit-in on six hours of Zoom meetings. By 4pm, her email inbox will have over 100 unread items. She still has an article to write for the industry press, a speech to prepare about the forthcoming ‘return to work’ and some online shopping to do for her eldest daughter’s 18th birthday.

Once that lot’s done, she’ll go for a walk and hopefully get time to cook, share a glass of wine with her husband and watch Season Four, Episode five of the Crown. Then it’s shower, bed and start all over again tomorrow.

Tomorrow begins with a Board meeting. Six papers will be presented by team leaders on subjects ranging from internal audit to product development. These will emailed together in a pack before close of business today, and she’ll do what she can to review them before the meeting.

Katie’s perspective

The meeting starts at nine am. …

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