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Why Animated Videos Are Best for YouTube Marketing [Video]

If you are marketing any sort of product or service, you’ve undoubtedly realized that YouTube is an important marketing tool. With more than a billion unique users every month and more than 6 billion hours of video watched every month, it only makes sense to promote your company, product, or service online.

Now granted, not everyone using YouTube is watching to learn something — there are far too many funny cat videos on the site with millions of views to make that argument. However studies show that a high percentage of YouTube users are in fact using the site to search for work-related information as well as how-to videos and other useful information.

In fact, according to one study in Forbes, more than 50 percent of executives report watching work-related or business videos on YouTube every week, and of those, 65 percent visit the marketer’s website after watching.

But while it’s clear that YouTube is important for …

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