Which eCommerce Marketing Tools to use? ●● In a profitable way! [Video]

Which eCommerce Marketing Tools to use? ●● In a profitable way!

The Masha eCommerce platform helps local shops and brands focus on marketing without detracting from their creativity and business.

Masha eCommerce platform is not another Amazon. It allows local brands and shops to use the latest marketing technologies to promote their products and services.

The online shopping industry is growing and growing; it even started before the pandemic. Online shopping is here to stay; just how can local shops and brands beat the big guys (and girls). Masha comes into play.

Local shops and brands don’t often have the right resources to follow up on all the latest technologies available. Not all technologies will work for their business, and what works for one brand, not automatically work for your brand.

And even if you really want to use a specific new technology. How do you start technically? Local shops and brands are not geeky introvert developers. An example is Brand Web Stories by Google.

The eCommerce market for selling products and services is competitive and mature from a shopper point of view. Research stated that people would buy more online. It is not yet mature to serve the smaller & local brands efficiently and profitably.

Trying to get a handle on all the latest marketing technologies is beyond most local brand and shops, but are necessary to survive in the future.

With Masha, a few intuitive clicks, no code required, local brands and shops can take advantage of the latest marketing technologies, promoting their products & services towards their future customers.

Masha is available immediately for any local brand and business to promote their products and services using the latest technologies, and the cost is only $1 per month.

Masha understands that the local businesses & brands environment is challenging, and together we can empower your success by providing an easy & profitable platform to grow your business.

Some examples of services we offer in the $1/month plan
The brand Rains uses the Web Stories features
Those web stories get boosted via Google on Discover pages, search results (not ads)
Those Web Stories are turned into a video by us and showcased on Masha’s Latest Trends YouTube Channel.
The brands can use Web Stories + Video on their social media, emails and more.

You can even embed the Web Story and Video into your website, email, anywhere.

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