What You Should Know About Ecommerce and GDPR [Video]

Video transcript: If you run an ecommerce store that means you’re already plenty busy, SEO, social design, you don’t need another item for the to-do list. So let me apologize right away for adding one. It’s just that, well, GDPR is too important to ignore.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Oberlo YouTube channel, where we dig into all things drop shipping and ecommerce. I’m David and today we’re talking about GDPR. You heard of it? If not, chances are you will soon.

In this video, we’ll go over exactly what this GDPR thing is. We’ll explain what it means for you in your store. And finally, we’ll wrap up by looking at how you can capitalize on GDPR. So stick with us til the end to see how GDPR can be your marketing tool.

What Does GDPR Mean?

A laptop with GDPR icon

GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation, it’s 88 pages and 50000 words long, and we thought it’d be …

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