What would your business look like if it was a technology company? Board Outlook [Video]

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There is a long list of industries that have been disrupted. Any company or industry that thinks they are safe gets caught out. The list is long. The media, clothing, white goods, hotels, taxis, Nokia, IBM, real estate, car sales, recruitment, airlines, travel agents, accountants, second-hand goods. As Pierre Nanterme, the chief executive of consulting company Accenture puts it: ‘… new digital business models are the principal reason why just over half of the names of companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000.’

Can we be impervious to the changing digital landscape?

I’m often asked for advice on how companies can think about possible future challenges. In my experience one of the most interesting thought experiments for any company is to think about your business as a technology company.

This can be a thought experiment. Or it can be an experiment that you get your internal and external tech experts to sit down and work …

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