What to expect from Zuck, Dorsey, Pichai’s Se [Video]

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It’s another day and another hearing about Big Tech on Capitol Hill. This latest hearing is all about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a decades-old law that offers websites protection against being held liable for what their users post.

The law exempts websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and thousands of others from being responsible for materials published by third-party users on those sites—no matter how harmful the content is. In short, the law basically says that a website is not a traditional publisher, like a magazine or newspaper, which themselves can be held legally liable for the content they publish. Section 230 is often credited as being one of the main reasons the free and open web flourished in the late ’90s—particularly because websites didn’t have to worry about user-created content landing them in trouble.

But almost 25 years after the law was passed, the web is a different place, and government on both …

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