What Should You Do About Long Shipping Times [Video]

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Video transcript: A few weeks ago, we published a video about how the coronavirus is affecting shipping times for dropshippers. In that video, we shared data on what shipping times are looking like to various destination countries. 

Since we published that video, however, the confusion around shipping times has not gone away. You all have been leaving questions about what to do in this environment and it's time that we are really transparent and super helpful with you about how you and your business should be responding to all the uncertainty around dropshipping shipping times.

Today, I'm gonna help you do that by drawing a flowchart. This flowchart is going to help you determine what steps you should take depending on where you are in the process of building your business. 

You'll learn what you can be doing now whether you started your business already or not. In addition, I'll show you some AliExpress supplier research tips that will help you vet suppliers and determine which ones might be …

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