What is Phygital Marketing? How to Use It and 5 Consumer Marketing Examples [Video]

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What is phygital marketing? Nope, it’s not a typo. This is a real thing. And we’re gonna define it for you:

Phygital marketing involves merging the worlds (and words) of both physical and digital experiences.

For example, phygital marketing involves communicating with potential customers who might toggle between in-store and online shopping.  While mobile shopping continues to rise, customers also use their mobile devices to enhance in-store shopping experiences. 

And the experience matters a great deal, especially for those of us in B2B. 86% of B2B buyers say they’re willing to pay more for an awesome experience. Almost half of B2B buyers have completed an impulse purchase after a stellar experience.

Lots of B2B marketers seem reluctant to admit that all consumer trends end up making their way to B2B. But your “buyers” are also “consumers” for the 16 hours they’re not working every day. So let’s keep an open mind.

When carried out …

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