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What is Marketing Calendar? [Video]

A marketing calendar serves as a visual representation of a brand’s planned marketing activities. It serves as a chronological guide to properly execute marketing strategies, detailing a brand’s marketing goals and providing them with a timeline to accomplish such goals. 

Typically, marketing calendars are arranged by year, with brands filling in what they plan to do each month. 

The benefits of using a marketing calendar 

  • Better coordination amongst team members

Having a marketing calendar helps team members coordinate with one another better by making it clear which member of the team is responsible for accomplishing a certain task or project. Team managers and members are offered an overview of what who needs to be working on what, and when. This makes it easier to find gaps in progress and tweak schedules in case more time is necessary.

  • Helps marketing team stay on top of their tasks

A marketing calendar helps avoid missed deadlines by providing more foresight. Marketing teams get to see how tasks progress on a daily and weekly basis, …

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