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What Is It + Other Marketing Trends [VIDEO] [Video]

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You’ve heard us preach Marketing with Love. But what is it? How does it relate to dentistry?

Well, Shannon spent the last year diving deep into leading mastermind groups, learning from the true thought leaders across multiple industries, all with the intention of identifying the best results-driven marketing tactics to support our doctors and our community.

And she shared all the golden nuggets with Angela on Roadside Live.

These two besties dive into:

  • What Marketing with Love is
  • How to implement it into your current marketing (Hint: It’s something you do daily)
  • The 6 marketing trends you MUST do for a thriving practice
  • The one trend that’ll get you a 90% open rate
  • Practical suggestions to avoid the overwhelm in implementing these new trends

Angela:So thank you everybody for joining us for another Roadside Live today. Today we have a very special guest that many of you know as …

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