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What Is Google Tag Manager | What Is GTM [Video]

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October 23, 2020 | Categorised in:

If you have or plan a web presence and want to make sure it is commercially successful, you have to focus on user engagement. You will need to gather as much information as possible so you understand where your users come from, what triggered them to visit, and what they do on your site when they are there – This is where Google Tag Manager comes in.

Companies such as Google are heavily invested in providing organisations with the appropriate tools to make it as easy as possible to help businesses succeed. Consequently, they’ve developed some great technology over the years, and Google Tag Manager is one such solution.

But what is Google GTM, and how can you make it work for you?

Introduction – What is GTM?

google tag managerGoogle Tag Manager was originally introduced in 2012 and has been tweaked or improved significantly since then. Fundamentally, it is a tag …

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