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What is an Inbound Closer? Closing Techniques 101 [Video]

What is an Inbound Closer? Closing Techniques 101

You may have heard the term, inbound closer thrown around a lot on the internet, but what does that mean? What is an inbound closer? Stick around.

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So to define an inbound closer, we’re going to first have to define what an inbound lead is. An inbound lead is somebody that comes to your website. Let’s say you’re running a services business, like an agency, web design, or web development,, or social media, whatever. Or, you’re running a software as a service company, an inbound lead is someone that comes to your website and is interested in buying your service. Maybe they fill out the contact form, or they sign up for a free trial, whatever. That’s an inbound lead. And an inbound closer is somebody whose job is to close, is to sell to those leads that come into the website.

0:00 What is an Inbound Closer?

0:34 What exactly is an Inbound Lead?

2:16 How Inbound Leads are different than Outbound Leads?

4:12 Main Responsibilities of an Inbound Closer

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