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What Does a Google Product Marketing Manager Do? 2022 [Video]

What Does a Google Product Marketing Manager Do? 2022

What Does a Google Product Marketing Manager Do? 2022

Product marketing managers work at the intersection of product development, marketing, and sales. Their broad responsibility is to develop and implement a marketing strategy roadmap for a specific product. In order to successfully reach their goal, product marketing managers typically work with colleagues across many departments throughout the product’s life cycle.

As their title suggests, product marketing managers focus heavily on marketing, so they often coordinate efforts with strategists across various marketing disciplines, including digital, social media, brand, and market research.
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00:00 Intro
01:00 What Does a Google Product Marketing Manager Do?
02:30 Working on the Product Strategy and Marketing Strategy
03:27 Actively Promoting Google Products
04:10 Working Closely with Other Teams
05:09 Tracking the Performance of the Google Product or Service
05:47 Extrapolating New Market Trends
06:10 Reporting to Stakeholders
06:40 Working on Go-to-Market Strategies
07:08 Developing Insights
07:34 How Much Does a Product Marketing Manager at Google Make?
08:30 What is a Google APMM?
09:31 How Do I Become a Google Product Manager and APMM?
10:22 Becoming a Google Product Marketing Manager
10:58 the end

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